Wednesday, November 17, 2010

john mcmahon: teef(3D scanning)

i never messed with a 3D scanner before
so that was something i definitely wanted to test out
for my first scan i wanted to keep it simple
was searching for an object to scan and came across
my friend sam's car sculpture that was laying around
scanned the car but at a super high resolution
which didn't leave much room on the computer to complete the steps for outputting
after referring with prof. scott, he told me to step the res. down
so i scanned my teeth(a plaster model of my teeth)
the goal was to scan the uppers and lowers and alter them
and output to the wax printer in the jewerly building
but once i over came the scanning process
i ran into some issues with offsetting the surfaces to create digital "fronts"
the offset that the wax printer needed to meet the minimum output
was to much for rapidworks and rhino to do a simple offset
the larger offset was producing self intersecting surfaces
a no no in rapid prototyping
need more time to troubleshoot through this issue


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