Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brandy Koch: Final Blog post....for now!

So I want to start off by saying this has been such an amazing experience! Mr. Scott you rock and we all love to work hard for you! With that being said Im going to post the last few pictures I have and explain my work a little better. electricparK. is the name of my company, and also my band. Everything I do has to do with these basic principles. Music and art are the same. Man & woman. Equal parts. Ryan & Brandy. When I design my functional accessories, Im designing for my perfect, bad-ass, alter ego that I turn into when I perform. Now we know people are not perfect, of unbreakable or even adventurous. I try to design for the girl that doesn't care what people think or say. I try to be more like that in all I do. Making funky outfits is fine, but wearing them is totally different. I try to walk that fine line between something you would wear everyday, & lets say...Lady Gaga. I dont like extremely loud or outrageous stuff either. But different, unique, one-of-a-kind. Thats the realm Im going for! With all that being said...weapons.... I use weapons as a subject that people dont want to talk about, its sensitive, its dangerous, its obvious. But put those weapons into a womens world and it becomes foreign. Im a feminist to say the least, and I plan on giving all women the power that I feel and have in hopes that oneday in our country we may actually see equal rights for all peoples...

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