Monday, November 1, 2010

Serge Ruffato: Project 2 FDM

For this project I wanted to build a symbolic structure that looked like a bent cross or X shape. I didn't want it to be geometric and rigid, so I started out with lines that I shaped in space as seen in the screen picture above. Then I built surfaces from these lines and finally I created surfaces to close the structure and have a solid form. I found this process more beneficial than extruding planar curves or surfaces in a formal and dynamic sense.

In my renderings I was trying to convey the Japanese art theme by which I was inspired.I chose to call the finished piece The Unknown, in reference to the unseen forces on which nature and the Earth rely to keep their integrity. It is an abstract symbol of force and power that I could imaging in a Japanese garden either made of marble or glass. I also like the tilted position of the structure as seen in the marble rendering above, because it enhances its megalith aspect and involves the viewer with the piece.

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  1. excellent post. nice way to knock out that model in context assignment. done!! now have fun