Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brianna Finkle: 3-D Printing

After becoming more and more familiar with modeling in Rhino we took some of our models and had the exported as .stl files to be printed. I chose to make some fabulous studded bracelets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nicholas DeBruyne, waffle structure

Below is a topographic model sectioned and notched with a grasshopper script in Rhino.
waffles laid out on sheet to be laser cut
 parts to assemble

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Devin Thompson: Slotted Sculpture

I made the slots a little too tight here. I was barely able to force the pieces together without ripping them, and even after pinching the pieces together they still would pop off or rip. Don't know how that happened. Building up the structure was fun though, really had to take in the fact that it was extremely unstable.

Devin Thompson: Serial Slice

Out of all the exercises so far I think the serial slice is by far my favorite, something about the look of the burnt edges really stands out to me.

Devin Thompson: Radial Waffle

Modeled first in maya, then brought over to rhino. Sliced up and sent to the laser cutter. Next time I need to make sure I letter each slot so it's easier to figure out where to start fitting them in.

Devin Thompson: Polyhedra

My second attempt at the polyhedral form, here's a tip. Don't try to do the most complicated form ever, you'll regret it. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nicholas DeBruyne, Pepakura

This prototype object was constructed with paper folding techniques using Pepakura Designer and post processing in Illustrator and Rhino to unfold the shape, lay out on sheets,  designate the fold and cut types, and prepare for laser cutting.  
illustrator file 

glue up and final product

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Andrew Simons: Pepekura Excercise

Unfolding Pepekura Object
Rhino Sheet after editing in Adobe Illustrator

Andrew Simons: Grillage Waffle Structure

Original NURBS Surface

Section Sheet

Rendered Grillage Model

Andrew Simons: Serial Sculpture

Rhino NURBS model

Sliced Model sheet
Final Serial Sculpture

Andrew Simons: Slotted Sculpture

Rhino Module Sheet

 Various test constructions

Final Construction

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Andrew F. Scott: Surface Population

Having some fun playing around with surface population scripts in grasshopper 

and rendering in Keyshot with a little post processing in Photoshop.

Shea Crescenzo

Shea Crescenzo's serial structures

Rhino screenshot of serial slices

serial structures (different than file above)

Shea Crescenzo's polyhedra

illustrator file

 completed form

Shea Crescenzo's slotted forms

cardboard layout in Rhino

Mitchel Biggio: Unfolded Shape

 Shape unfolded

End shape

MItchell Biggio : Waffle

The waffle construction with card board. The slots were too close and thin which made it very difficult to put together properly. I didn't quite get it together all the way. Ill have to come back to this one and do it right.

     Pieces of waffle sculpture