Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cícero D'Avila: "Cariátide Ruiva"

Cicero D'Avila charts the evolution of his sculpture "Cariátide Ruiva" from its beginnings as a work created using traditional sculptural processes through its evolution using digital fabrication and then back again. A must read from an artist that does some incredible work.
The post was sent via facebook from one of the digital fabrication alums patrick siren (animation)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm enjoying the boolean tool in Rhino these days and how the removal of an object's matter can indeed redefine the object itself. I started with a simple rectangular solid. Using a couple spheres I booleaned the solid to open the space slightly. Just those simple actions made this object into an interesting and dynamic basis for a lamp.

The piece will be laser cut and assembled in plexiglass. I'm excited to see the laser go to work on my creation. . .

The final product will be a simple, but fun sculptural lamp.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This piece is new exploration of space. I simplified the design from my previous sphere so the FDM could more feasibly print out my piece. Hopefully the printing works out. It'd be great to take this piece into bronze.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have recently been intrigued by the space we cannot see in a volume. In this piece I attempt to take an object and explore the space within the object. As seen in the rendering, light catches the many tunnels and facets of the interior space of this sphere to make "perfect" object more interesting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

computer model of purposed shunkn' head.
added to the physical model will be;
-bamboo shoots
-alligator bones
-chicken feet
-sutured eyes and mouth
-air-brushed texture

Here are a front and 3/4 view of the finished CNC print that I've done of a Native American. The next step is to lasercut a map of Native American territory post 'trail of tears' era.

- CJ Miller

Monday, October 12, 2009

FDM project 2

I worked in Maya and made a stack of extruded rectilinear prisms. I stacked them until they began to look like contra-pasto figures. I generated a copy of the original and reformed it and scaled it; then made a copy of that one and re-formed and scaled it. Since they were clones I decided to give them something egg-like and I seeded each figure with its own implementation of a ovoid. I might call this "It Must be Genetic"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project 1: Surface Texture

The concept for this project was inspired by movement of birds in the sky. I've created a mold for the final product, a bowl, to be used for the home. Rhino was used to create the mold shown below. Lofts were created then manipulated to create this surface.

This rendering in Hypershot displays the convex and concave surfaces in detail.

The final product will be a vacuum formed plastic piece. If possible, a poattern of birds will be cut out of the material to activate the surface.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Planar Movement

Continuing a project started last quarter I am exploration the visual merger of multiple planes. I was looking to create a single modular unit that would allow me to transition one planar surface to another. Considering the continuing shape of the infinity symbol I saw an opportunity to create two circular planes from the symbol that would appear to transition between each other once in the third dimension. To create the sections I created a positive mold to be fabricated using the CNC mill. It will then be vacuum formed with a clear PETG plastic, and cut using the mill to create the disk shapes.


Scale also played a big factor when I considered how the viewer would see the transitions. With an overall space claim of 12”x12”x5’ the sections would be stacked and hung with most of the form being below eye level.

This will also allow the viewers to explore the surfaces and space in a manner that creates the desired illusion. Looking at the object form a distance will create the illusion of a singular surface but upon closer inspection it will reveal the modular sections.

-John Adams

Monday, October 5, 2009

update 11,17.09. glass sculpture after it has completed slumping in the kiln

Glass Box

Have you ever felt limited by a title, your race, or your origins? Have you been in a situation where, because you are known for this, you cannot be capable of that? You feel trapped, constrained, unappreciated.

I am attempting to capture that constricting feeling you get when someone places you in that invisible box. The human person is a powerful creature, capable of growth and full of life. And when someone places infinite capabilities into a finite "box," there is going to be an insurrection in some form or another.

FDM Project

First pass.... I'm pretty sure this is the model I am going to use.
I am now working on different ideas as far as details.
I just got married in August, and that is where I got the inspiration for this model. The concept is based around the idea of finding the boundaries of between being 'one' together and 'two' as unique individuals.
I think I may get rid of the hair, as it is obvious that they are two different genders. If I decide to keep the hair, I am going to work on remodeling it so it is one with the other piece. I am also considering making the hair porous.
The other thing I am exploring is what kind of a base I am going to give this piece. I want it to be floating, or at least not posted straight down or sitting directly on the base.

One of the mistakes that looked interesting:
So I figured out a composition and was able to fit four of them in the space determined for the project.

So, After I finally received all my fdm printed models I ended up only having one that I was really satisfied with. The four smaller models that I had, with the encasing twirling forms around them ended up being too thin for the bath, and broke apart too easily. The one form that I had printed that was larger and also without the surrounding forms turned out fine. (granted I did peel all the supporting material off myself instead of putting it through the bath..)

SinceI lost all the fdm printed materials that swirled around the figures I tried to recreate the feeling and look with wire. This was the result:

(click on for larger image)

I really liked the way that the shadows look - and might consider displaying this in a way so that only the shadows would be seen - such as inside of an object and backlit so that the shadows would be projected and be seen on the outside.

I also used this model for some of my laser explorations - look at that project to see more!


Hi all!

Here is what I am currently working on in digifab class. I wanted to do a three dimensional repeat pattern, and have chosen an image of a school of fish to repeat out into a pattern.

I'm going to make a block of fish:
and then vacumform that block, so I have many panels of the same form. I will then mount them all on a wall, creating a large pattern.

I hope to make this design red by experimenting with vacuumingforming techniques and materials. I want to try to vacuumform pieces of soft red felt between two sheets of plastic, which may melt, but may also retain some fibrous quality, which is what I'm after. I'm also going to experiment with wool roving between plastic.
If this does not work out, I plan to paint the back of clear vacumformed plastic red.

The design is red to incite in the viewer thoughts of blood. Although completely icky, that will hopefully lead an audience to reflect on the rampant overfishing of the ocean, which will slowly but surely lead to humanity's own demise. The fish are crashing into each other which is a combative gesture that reflects the combative nature of humans, especially now that we are, as a species, overpopulated... As numerous and compact as fish in a school.

- Shannon Slane

Hi all!

Just in case anyone didn't see my posting on facebook, I thought I'd share this cool find on here. Check it out!

laser cut dollar bills

Friday, October 2, 2009