Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tamela Sicay-Perrow: Teeth Progression Final

The teeth were created in Maya as you can see above.

This is what I stared at for hours on end making sense of all these lines, trying to make my life easier in the illustrator section of the workflow to finish this project. I used a total of 4 programs to make this happen, maya, pepakura, illustrator, and rhino. I'm glad for a brief respite.

The process of using Pepakura seems to be an uphill battle for me. Though expected to begin and continue from simple to complex over a series of projects, I seem to bite of more than I can chew.... so to speak.

I began by closing the edge loops (always use edge-loop modeling for these forms), and then attaching all of these individual teeth you see here.

I then glued along the loops to finish each of the arches respectively. C'est fini pour maintenant.

I am only in these photos for scale. Supposedly.


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  1. tamela,
    provide a progresion of the project from initial screen shots of maya model, keyshot rendering, pepakura process pics, and beam layout. Give us a good sense of the overall process. nice photos.