Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B. Rogers_ Slotted Sculpture

Shapes created and organized with Rhino4

The laser-cutting process

The composition

Tori Millhollon- Laser cut sculpture

For my slotted sculpture I decided to go with all geometric forms instead of organic. 

On the base I used a bit of thread to strengthen it a little so it could support the rest of the piece.

Courtney Chin-A-Loy Slotted Modules

Rhino File

Slotted Modules

Mini Module Sculptures


Jon Hartman- Laser-cut Slot Assembly Exercise

Original vector designs:

Vector-based modules:

Assembled slot structure:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Laser cut freaky moose thing

These photos are the result of the laser cut assembly exercise.  To be honest, there was no inspiration for this project.  I just tried to think of complimenting forms and shapes.  My thought process was that if I didn't try and complete a specific 3D form, then my mind would be more open to playing around with the different pieces.  Since then, I mailed a batch to my nephew to see what kind of weirdness he can come up with.  Still waiting on photos for that, which I can post up here.