Monday, November 15, 2010

Claire Abitz: Practice Structures

We did a few practice structures to determine the technique to use for our final project. The first structure was practice with the contour command, which slice an object into cross sections, which are then stack to rebuild the structure. After putting the pieces together, the small model led to the idea for my final project.
The second practice was for determining slotted connections. The first picture is the design layed out in Rhino. Then I did a keyshot rendering of it in a much larger scale. The last picture shows the details of each piece when slotted together. In the end, the outer dimensions were about 20"x40" for the panel of letters.

The last practice was building a waffle structure with half lap construction. I loosely based the profile shape of the structure off the profile of a face. Finish dimensions are 20"x8". I also included a few extra pieces in this file to put together my panel of "A's."

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