Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christian Dunbar Project 2: Sphere Chair - FDM

For Project 2 , I sought to create a miniature prototype of a a piece of sculptural furniture I designed. The piece that I chose is a chair consisting of a sphere that has been been divided into 16 equally spaced horizontal slats. It is supported on its bottom half by a steel arch that passes through the planes, and on the top with two arching systems of steel spacers. Because of the limitations of the FDM printing process, the spacers were slightly oversize at this size relative to the chair's overall scale. I experimented with various systems of the upper spacers, and ended up with a series of individual cubes, as opposed to my original design of 2 sweeping through-tubes. The curve that I ultimately used was an inverse continuation of the line created by the front half of the steel plate of the bottom arching plate.

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