Monday, November 15, 2010

Mitul Mistry - Final Laser Project

For my final laser cut project, I decided to do a serialized form and use it as an armature of sorts upon which I sculpted in epoxy. I started off digging out an old nurbs form I thought had potential and booleaning on a base to hold it up in Rhino. I then used the contour command and laser cut the pieces out of cardboard. After receiving my cuts, I realized too late that one of the sheets had been processed twice, while one was missing, so I had to do some "creative problem solving" with my exacto knife and the left over cardboard to fill in the gaps. I then coated it all in plaster wrap, and laid on "EZ Sculpt" epoxy sculpt to finish off the form. All in all, it was actually a fairly labor intensive process, but it's also very powerful in that it becomes possible to recreate digital form with real materials at a larger scale than FDM printing will allow.

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