Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mitul Mistry - Laser Studies

While the notching exercise was great fun (I felt like I was making my own K'NEX), I feel that serial planing has great potential, as it is fairly descriptive of form.

The waffle form was a nightmare, as the Cut My Own Ribs/Massive Unroll scripts did some very unfortunate things, like randomly flipping some of the flat planes, mis-numbering the pieces, and laying out the notches in an inopportune manner. It was basically impossible to put together because half the notches went in one direction and half in another (and I didn't realize this would be a problem until too late), so I had to cut up the pieces with an exacto knife just to get them to fit.

The Pepakura form was also problematic, primarily because I used cardboard, which has thickness and significantly affects how you can put the pieces together. Because of the thickness, the flaps were largely useless and I had to cut most of them off, and had to make cuts along the folds. All in all, it took me far longer than I expected just to make my stupid rocket ship.

I think I'll stick to serial planing for my final laser project.


  1. mitul i would consider revisiting your pepakura file with a thin paper. You are correct. At the scale that you were working cardboard is very frustrating. Secondly, some of the other waffle approaches should prove less frustrating.

  2. Mitul. cardboard would work great for this model if you increased its size. this could easily be accomplished by scaling up your illustrator or rhino files. great studies and process explorations.