Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Serge Ruffato: Laser cutting exercises

Exercise n1: The idea of notches was interesting, it introduced me to the laser printing process. Although it opens a wide variety of possibilities, it provided a pretty basic and rigid type of structure.

Exercise n2: This was a very simple, yet extremely useful approach to laser cutting. It's perfect for creating armatures, you can cover it with plaster, epoxy, aqua-resin, etc. It will provide a very solid and compact base to work.

Exercise n3: This process is a little more complicated, I chose to work with the cutyourownribs and massiveunroll scripts. All you need to do is type in your material thickness and the script pretty much cuts it out for you. Then you use the massiveunroll script to lay out your ribs and it will even number them for you, which is very convenient. This approach requires more work but also lowers the amount of material needed, which means it's a lighter armature and more appropriate for large structures. Very useful knowledge!

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