Wednesday, November 17, 2010

john mcmahon: tip top cont.

so this model didn't make it to the final presentation
due to some technical difficulties, i have to remember when some part of the process is new to me i have to leave extra time for troubleshooting
to continue the model journey
after sanding i made some extra parts out of urethane foam to act as a draft angle
and it follows one of my guidelines
if it doesn't have to look pretty make it look as ugly as possible
to the big vacuum former to pull 1/8" styrene 26" x 26"
i only wanted the top surface, all the extra is for the cause
trimmed the styrene and left a whole in the center to add strips of styrene
these strips were going to be a playful, over lapping and weaving to create a lighting piece
getting the strips to act the way i wanted is where i had trouble
using straight styrene strips had to much tension in them and would not hold the shape i was after
the glued bond kept on failing
so i went to heat forming but once the heat was introduced
the strips had to still relax and to keep them in position while they heated up was more difficult then i realized
the size of the styrene strips were 12"long by 1/8" by 1/8"
oh i love process pics


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