Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christian Dunbar Project 4- Sliced Sculpture

For Project 4, I designed and created a full scale free standing sculpture consisting of 50 layers of sliced material. Using the contour command, I sliced a vertical orb shaped Nurb that I created using Rhino. The result was 50+ layers that were then pieced together, using a 1" square referencing rod, that I inserted horizontally through the pieces. The sculpture is an 18" tall orb, that can be positioned on top of any stand that is 1" in diameter. I can produce the piece from any laser "cut-able" material. The width of the sculptural is also customizable, and depends solely on the thickness of whatever material I choose to cut slices from. For the purpose of this class, I used 1/4" plywood. Next, I will create this piece using 1/8" acrylic, to create a translucent vertical orb.

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