Monday, March 10, 2014

Tim Kent: Winter Quarter Post 2

     Continuing from my first post, this is the finished serial slice project I created: 
     On my own, I created a file in rhino, and pulled it into Keyshot to render the surface and lighting for a sapphire look:
     I also started another serial slice project, but this time I layered plywood and hardboard . I'm currently in the process of sculpting and finishing the project:

     Currently I'm working on another sculpture based off of the first laser scan using the Pepakura technique. This allows me to work larger and lighter. The model was condensed from 30,000 poly surfaces to just over 60. The model was unfolded, and laser cut in chip-board. I then folded it back to get this 2 foot piece:

     I tried to finish the project using bondo, which was a bad idea. So I am starting over on it. But it had issues coming together on the first try anyway, so it will be much better the second time.

More work, including sculptures and paintings, can be viewed on my website:

Tim Kent

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