Thursday, March 13, 2014

Troi Caple SCPT 250 Final

SCPT 250 Final!

What an amazing quarter in SCPT 250! My final composed of 3 sculptures, with 2 laser etchings and the serial sliced space chair! The laser etchings were of two photos I took in 2010 in New Jersey, one  of which I etched with acrylic and the other with wood. I love the way the wood burned and picked up the speckles of paint in the photo and I love the sharpness to the acrylic etching. I am definitely going to use this application in the future. The space chair was quite the soothing solution to the finals madness. Being able to sit down and smooth out the edges really got me through the last week!

Original photo

 Laser etching

Original photo

Laser Etching

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