Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cedrick Wiley: Hand modeling to 3d modeling process

Hand sculpted a humanoid figure. With modeling clay the dots are for preparation for the 3d scan. The registration dots are to align during the 3d scanning and editing process because of the multiple scan.
The next image is of the scanned sculpture. The program it was placed in was for altering and correcting any issue the 3d scanner may have missed.

The following image is in preparation Pepakura. It is necessary to lower polygon count in the 3d software. The image is less complex and flatter intentionally to make the use of Pepakura effective.

I was not pleased with the resolution and dimensions. I was becoming more familiar with the 3d software so I was confident enough that I could get a better structure and still take advantage of Pepakura's software.
I was more comfortable spending time constructing a model without a scan. Hoping for a better result.I was pleased with the direction the model was going in for preparation for Pepakura I attempted to lower the polygons. I was unsuccessful the model did not allow me to lower the polygonal faces. Which didnt allow me to use it in Pepakura.
I attempted a few other models. Due to time restraints I used the Pepakura model for the original model scan. Below this is the proper way and what a Pepakura flattening of a 3d file looks like.

Serial slicing 

A completed Pepakura shape

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