Monday, March 31, 2014

Rebecca Blessing - 3D Scanning

 Beetle Sculpt in grey extra firm Sculpi using hands and toothpick 

Baking the sculpture

 I then painted the model white and applied red tracking dots

 The Scanning Process
I did a 360 scan of the model in Scan studio. I Then took single scans of the top back and various angles to fill in obvious or large holes in the digital model. 

I played around with merging the model in scan studio and this was the end result 

I brought the scanned mesh into Rapid Works and fused it. I then proceed to polish the model using the fill hole, and bridges tools. 

 I used the smoothing tools to get rid of harsh edges and bumps 

I used the Simplify tool to play with the poly count of the model for varying results.
exported these files as .obj's

 50,000 poly

 20,000 poly

10,000 poly

1,000 poly

Surface Version

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