Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cedrick Wiley: Laser engraving

The way that laser cutting or engraving is done is by assigning colors in certain file formats. This provides a different intensities causing for a lighter or darker lines on the surface of what ever material it may be.

I used my illustration also my logo. Then I entered it into Adobe Illustrator. To separate layers by  manipulating the layers and image trace setting. To make the lines coincide with the desired illusion of depth by using the lasers intensity levels. The red lines emit a shallow line. The green lines emit a higher intensity than the red so it would qualify as the mid-tone or medium value line. The yellow line emits the most intense line or value meaning it cuts the deepest in to the surface plane.

  I was instructed by the technician that are over the laser engraver. That the complexity of the illustration would cause the laser to take 5 to 6 hours to complete the task. So they advised me to use different values of black as a substitute for the value change that is done by the laser recognizing the differences. Not what I was hoping for but due to time restraints I followed there instructions.

Here is a better example of the separation of line and value. Concerning how lasers separate and define the intensity below.
 Here is the results through the process. You can see how the lines are defined differently with the addition to color separation.


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