Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3D printing Daniela Guarin

For my FDM (3d printing model) I decided to explore maya to create organic forms. I created my model with the intention of being a jewelry piece at the beginning because I was really inspired by Iris Van Herpen and her digital fabricated fashion.

Here are some examples of her work:
Subversive fashion by Iris Van Herpen

On that note, I created a bracelet in maya that had the same organic quality that Van Herpen uses in her pieces.
Ortho view in Rhino. Ghosted and rendered versions

Maya render
I converted the file to an STL format and then send it to print. Previously checking the quality of the mesh.
3d Printed model

When send it to print I was a little concerned because I had some areas where the thickness was a little less than 1/8 of and inch, but I decided still to go through with the printing like that. I was really pleased to see that the above wasn't an issue and that it was a really successfully printed model.

After recieving my model I wanted to take it a step further, therefore I decided to use traditional coiling technique to cover the surface.
Traditional coiled basketry
Coiling the model

After coiling the entire structure I realize that I need a base so it could be properly displayed. So because it was a bracelet, I decided to cast a hand and have it stand on little pedestals.
This was the result:
Final Maquette

Final Maquette
We had to place our maquette in an architectural context, so I places it on like an open space.
Here is the result:
Site specific sculpture

It was suggested that I should place my sculpture in a gazebo context because of the quality and romanticism of the work. 

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