Wednesday, May 29, 2013


By far, the CNC milling project was my favorite one from this quarter. I could visualize the end result quite clearly and knew exactly what I wanted the whole time (even though I had to endure some jokes from Prof. Scott!) I started out by getting this shape milled out of REN foam, after I created the model in Rhino. 
After that a silicone mold and a plaster mother mold were made:

 Then two casts were made, one plastic and one aqua resin with fiberglass:

After this I had to fill in minor holes and dents, gesso and then paint.
Here is the final product:

I know these could have been easily made another way, but I intend to make a lot of these in varying numbers and groups, each having their own color scheme. Having a mold makes this much easier. In addition, the work of the computer and the mill ensured an exact, technically made prototype to be cast.

These works were inspired by the work of Imi Knoebel and Donald Judd.

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