Thursday, November 21, 2013


Pepakura was by far my favorite part of this course. As a fabricating tool I see endless possibilities for the way it can be applied to a number of different types of forms and different types of sculpture. For this assignment I was really inspired by Scott's demo on maya where he taught us about the bridges tool. I used this tool to model something like an architectural form. I constructed it at 3x3 ft size but could easily see it as a larger piece, something people could walk underneath, and be able to explore and appreciate from all angles.

The above photographs show the form I created constructed simply from the cardboard we used for our pepakura pieces. I was really excited to see it come together so well and really enjoyed putting it together. For a finish I chose to decoupage rice paper onto the cardboard to give the piece some extra strength and a nice texture.

I included a photo of me and some of my classmates standing near the piece to show size, and there is a closeup of the texture that was achieved with the rice paper. Although I like this finish, I would like to try another finish maybe by painting the piece a silver color. I definitely see it as a large scale sculpture, and there's something definitively modern about it. I think the silver would give it the appearance of being fabricated out of aluminum and I am curious to see how that would change the feel of the piece and bring it in the direction I would ultimately like to see it go.

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