Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Briana Mateo: Assignment 2 Milling

This photo was my inspiration for my milling project. It is a photo of my uncle Jesus Maldonado, "Tio Gaby" to me. It was taken at a family reunion in Puerto Rico this past summer. To me this picture sums up his personality.
First, I brought the image into Illustrator and changed how many colors are in the image using live image trace.
Here is the image after its been brought into Rhino. I adjusted the size of the relief based on the depth that the CNC Milling machine could handle which was 2'' and how deep I wanted each color to be.
Here is the image made as a relief in ren. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a fossil, and got me thinking about how people these days (including myself) are not printing pictures as often as we did in the past, everything is becoming digital even the picture frames. So I made the decision to paint the relief instead of leaving it the way it was right out of the mill.
I painted it white first just so all of the colors would pop more.



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