Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Briana Mateo: Assignment 4 Laser Cutting

I did a few projects using this serial stacking process. First, I created a form from a sphere using the Twist Command in Rhino.

Then using the Contour Command I grabbed the curves using the thickness of luan which is .19, and extruded those curves to produce this image.

Using the contour curves I laid out how the pieces would look for the big laser.

I really liked the spiraling staircase pattern that came about when I twisted the design. I think that the form is more interesting, and gives the piece an edgy attitude while keeping a harmonious flow.

Here is another piece I named "Driftwood". In Rhino I traced the outline of the island of Puerto Rico and extruded the curves and using the Boolean Union command attached it to a rectangular solid. The island reminds me of a piece a driftwood because of its small size and location in the middle of the ocean.
Here is the laser cut form after being glued together with Loctite.

 Here is the piece after taking a grinder to it and making it look like a piece of driftwood.  

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