Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pepakura exploration Daniela Guarin

For my pepakura model I decided that I wanted to build my 3D scan from the beginning of the quarter. I reduced the model to 300 Poly and ended up with something that look like this:
Perspective view/ 300 poly

Perspective view/ 300 poly

I took the model into the pepakura program and slide it open. I ended up taking up just two sheets of cardboardm from a model that is 3 ft tall.
Pepakura files exploded
After pepakura, I took the files to Illustrator, and later on to Rhino. All part of a process that should be pass through if the final intention is to laser cut it so it can be build.
Illustrator files

Rhino Files
Finally the model was ready to be laser cut and build. It took me around 8 hours to build the complete thing and some figuring it out, as it was the first one that I make. Also I did not have perfect rounded cuts because my shape didn't allow it, so that made it a little bit more tricky in the building.

Cut pieces

When it was done, one of the legs was a weak connection so I decided to add an extra support for balancing purposes.
Final maquette

Final maquette

Final maquette
I found a wheel looking metal that I ended adding as an extra support. I think it really helps the piece and makes it more dynamic.

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