Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alexander Krench_Pepakura

 I wasn't too excited about this form, I really enjoyed the pepakura process though but i think with a little bit more experience with 3d rendering i could have come out with something a little bit more interesting. When I had the form all together I decided apply plaster to the entire thing without thinking. The piece collapsed upon its own weight and was a lost cause until the lab could print another one. for some reason there were problems with trying to laser cut the file a second time: the file was crashing the computers, I separated the layers in to different flies but it wasn't until time had run out that it came to my attention that the different files were different sizes so I did my best in trying to save the form, ultimately coming up with something a little bit more interesting that anything just plaster could do. I wasn't very proud of what I had come up with until my critique. My professor was quite impressed with what i had done to save the form, giving me a nice boost of confidence to follow though with the rest of my presentation.

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