Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Serge Ruffato: Project 1 Milling

For my project I chose to make two separate faces to avoid any problems with undercuts. The two faces will be milled separately and will then be assembled together. I made a back plate for each face to facilitate the assembling, but also to provide me with the opportunity to make molds of each face. These could then be cast in plastic, aqua resin, wax or plaster. The back plates will then be cut and sanded to end up looking like the rendering seen below.
The concept behind this piece was industrial cubism: creating an abstract and visually striking structure with the use of geometrical and mechanical shapes. I have always found a mystical and surrealist atmosphere attached to these kind of structures. My material of choice for fabricating it would be steel or cast bronze. In addition, the abandoned factory background is a perfect environment to advertise the piece.

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