Monday, October 11, 2010

Brandy Koch: Project#2

As of right now Im still using Rhino, I am feeling like Im starting to get a grip on things better, finally! I have been using a lot of pre-existing models, and manipulating them. This has been a really fun, experimental project that I am really enjoying!! I have done alot of casting; glass, metal, and ceramics in the past, and I think this is going to help those crafts in the future. For-instance, if a plastic pro-to type can be printed, and melted out of a mold for say, a ring, we can now sculpt it, scan it in, fix and duplicate it on the computer, and now suddenly we have a "one-of a kind piece" multiplied by 100, or more? The possibilities are endless, and Im just really excited thinking about all of them!

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