Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Impossible Object That Would Make M.C. Escher Drool

SCPT250/450 Alum Jonathon Anderson sent me this link which I am happy to share with you. That object you see above isn't a box made of McDonald's coffee stirrers by a meth addict. Nope, "Shadow Cloud" was fabricated using 3-D printing, and it hides a bit of clever magic: Those little panels in the grid seem random, but they actually align at certain angles, thus creating distinct 2-D patterns. Three separate patterns, in fact.

Which means that when you shine a line through the thing, it creates three separate shadows. Prepare to be amazed: For obvious reasons, that particular piece is called "Thru Religion," and it was created by Drzach & Suchy--it makes perfect sense that the duo has a grad-level background in architecture (that's Drzach) and crytopgraphy (Suchy).

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