Monday, October 4, 2010

Sarah Matthews: Whats mah plan, yo?

I know I should have posted this earlier, but well I forgot. So basically my plan this quarter is to explore mold/cast making techniques with plastic and inflatables. My first project will be a platter which I will have milled. After the mill, I will mold and cast it to make the top of the platter. For the stand, I will make stems coming off the leaves. More on this project soon, as I will be sending it to the mill by Wednesday, hopefully today.

My second project will be an inflatable. I will be making a wall inflated tent complete with divisions for rooms, hammock style bunks, and shelving. The outside shape will be pretty standard, probably dome shaped, but the inside will be much more dynamic. It will be a life-sized tent, so it should fit about 8 people comfortably. I have also been researching alternative processes for inflating it, so hopefully it will be a little bit more portable. My hopes are that it will be able to be inflated on-site by using a car.

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