Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Claire Abitz Project 1 Milling

For the milling project, I wanted to make something that would be nearly impossible to sculpture by hand. I took the traditional idea and design of a puzzle and added dimension and texture. From the milling, I want to make a mold and eventually the final piece would be in bronze. In order to make a mold from the milling, I had to separate all the different pieces, which is shown in the second layout picture.

I changed my project because the puzzle was getting too complicated, I think it is better suited for project 2, as an fdm model.

My new milling is going to be repeating lightbulbs. I think how common they are. From the milling I want to vacuumform a series of panels that would be put together in front of florescent tube lighting or in a lamp. I would also like to cast it in glass or bronze.

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