Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarah Matthews: Leaf Platter

While I wait for the top of my platter to be milled, I guess I'll explain it a little bit. It was a very simple process. I took a leaf that I made in Illustrator and threw it into Rhino. Then I extruded it and warped it using the CageEdit command. After copying and pasting about 12 of them, I arranged them onto a 9.5" circle. To make sure it looked right, without a lot of random parts from neighboring leaves sticking up through the middle, I used the CageEdit command on certain leaves to raise and lower certain areas.

After it is milled, I will mold and cast it in different colored plastics and make stems coming off the bottom to hold the platter up.


  1. Ps, I also used the BooleanSplit to make sure the highest points were at the same level and to flatten the bottom.