Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mitul Mistry – Project 1 – Milling

My focus for this project was NURBS modeling. I am used to polygonal modeling, and I wanted to model an object using another paradigm. Using NURBS primitives, I pushed and pulled control vertices in order to develop form, rebuilding them with a higher resolution whenever I wanted more detail. I started in Rhino and migrated to creating forms in Maya, exporting to Rhino using the IGES format if need be.

In the end, I settled on an earlier model I developed as I felt it hinted at a sense of representation while remaining fundamentally abstract and amorphous. I have studied anatomy, having done ecorches out of plastaline clay, and I felt that this form hints at a skull shape of an animal, perhaps a wolf or a fox. I tried to maintain symmetry in order to reinforce a sense of purpose and intention, rather than simply sculpting a blob, and of all the forms I developed, this seemed the most successful.

With the help of Professor Scott, we molded the milled foam form with Rebound 25 and cast it in Aqua-Resin. I then sealed the two pieces together with epoxy, spray primed it, painted it with acrylic, and coated it with Crystal Clear to give it a shine.

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