Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tamela Sicay-Perrow Progress Report

While continuing to work along with project's 1 and 2, the processes which I used are as follows. For the yellow foam cnc'd project, I coated the surface with a mixture of acetone and spot putty from an autoparts store, these form a seal after several coats. After letting it dry completely, and with minimal sanding I was able to coat the form with a smooth-on mixture to create a flexible mold.
This is what the mold looks like after complete drying to demold the original part. It is now ready to pour in whatever moldable liquid you might want to use, such as plaster, hot wax, or resin. This entire process doesn't need a mold release agent, and while messy, is less than expected.
Products used: yellow high density foam, plaster, burlap, smooth-on rebound 25, 100 percent pure acetone, and Dynatron glazing and spot putty.

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