Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rex Brodie - Project 2 FDM Modeling

I began experimenting with the paneling tools plug-in for Rhino while working on my first project. Two good sources for information on the program can be found at McNeel Wiki and Glenn Wilcox’s Generative Design web site. The plug-in allows you to create some interesting forms by setting up attractor points and morphing from one shape to another.

For my second project, I found Glenn Wilcox’s tutorial on methods of using poly-surfaces with paneling tools plug-in very helpful. A nice feature of the plug-in is that it provides the ability to set the spacing between each pattern unit in the u- and v- directions. The trick to creating overlapping units for FDM printing is to make the original pattern units large. Since the program fits the pattern unit to the grid, the size of the pattern unit does not matter. By starting with a large pattern unit, you can enter a positive number for the spacing and still create your overlap.

I decided to print this compound curve covered with spikes for my second project. I found the juxtaposition of the graceful curve with the aggressive spikes interesting. It works with my original concept and has the most potential for a large scale sculptural element.

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