Thursday, August 26, 2010

David Markus | Laser Cut Project

For my laser cutting project, I decided to do an acrylic lamp based on a serial process. My limitations were to have a rigid structure using 2 sheets of 1/4 18x24 acrylic.

I started by stacking a row of polyline rings before using the taper tool to create a more dynamic shape.

After doing this, I created 2 half-lap interlocking supports to hold the segments in place.

I created the stair-like pattern on each support by extruding the rings down and then using the resulting shape to trim the surface.

In order to maximize my material, I arranged the rings inside each other where possible. After laser cutting, I assembled the lamp using Tenax 7R acrylic glue, which produces a near invisible seam. I had prepared the lamp to be hung from a 1.5 inch hanging lamp fixture.

After trying many different types of bulbs, I settled on halogen due to its crisp light and strong illumination.

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