Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jeff Pruitt_Laser Cut_Project 3

A serial cut was what I wished to attempt for the laser cutting project. I was unsure of what to do at the beginning and started fooling around with towers and twisting shapes. Taking curves joined to make somewhat of a square, I rotated and shrunk the curves, in order to create a twisted tall tower.

After making the twisted tower and seeing what I could do with it I took the curves and created an inner "tube". By taking the curves used on the outside, reducing the size of them and switching the angle of the rotation I was able to create an interesting interior.The one thing that I hope works out well for this is I made the serial only 90 pieces high. The tower rotation is also only 90 degrees. I rotated each slice 1 degree, this way since my chosen material is cardboard, the corrugation should follow the rotation of the tower. Updates to follow on how this goes.

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