Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jannelle Wheelock: Starting the base

So I went and picked up the wood to start the box that will be below the wheel and hold all the electronics. It was quite interesting trying to bike with it - it was heavier than I expected.

One of the most difficult parts of constructing this piece is that I want to make it so I can take the entire thing apart and collapse it down so I can ship it to California without worrying about it getting crushed.

Todd, at the Boundary Hall wood shop, helped give me advice on the construction of the box, showed me the different tools and how to use them. Thank you Todd!
I started off constructing the pieces for the octogonal shape. I cut all the pieces to size so I could contruct it the next day.

I then moved on to construct the bottom of the box. All the pieces were put through the planar tool, glued together, and left overnight to glue

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