Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jonathan Sells Project 3: Waffle Constructions

Using Rhino and the grasshopper script by Andrew Payne I made the following surface waffle as a test. It took 3 sheets of 18x32 cardboard to complete the X and Y strut curves.


Next, I took the same concept and integrated it into the goblin bust geometry from project 2 except I decided to take the ears off since the pieces would be too small. A similar workflow was executed here though I used pipes for the intersections where the X and Y strut notches will be. The cutMyOwnRibs.rvb script did not produce favorable results so in turn the process was done manually using pipes on those intersections and then cutting the surfaces. After this I used the massiveUnroll.rvb script to produce my curves for the laser. This project took 11 sheets of 18x32 cardboard.

Notch thickness: .24 (cardboard)

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