Thursday, May 27, 2010

Esteban Urrea's Project 1: Nurbs Tire Tracks

For Project 1 and my first ever attempt at 3d modeling in a computer I created a relief that looked like tire tracks. The process began by creating a surface in Rhino and the image of the tracks in Adobe Illustrator. I then transferred the file from Illustrator to Rhino and extruded the image, placed it on my surface and then lofted them all together. The process I did would have been correct expect I lofted the curves instead of the surfaces. The amount of naked edges was ridiculous and it was time to do it again. Once there were no naked edges the rendering was printed out using a 3 axis milling machine, the material used was a high density foam. The next process was to take Brush On 40, a product from Smooth On and create a mold. After the mold i created a mother mold from plaster and burlap, from there I was able to pour plastic, plaster and wax. I ended up using 2 plaster copies for the final transformation of the piece. I cut along the recessed areas of the relief which left me with with individual pieces of plaster. Then I created another relief on top of black foam core using epoxy as my adhesive.

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