Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yuma Watanabe Project3

My first laser cutting project took long time to come up with idea.
It is because of that I could not imagine how my pieces would get together in 3 dimension.

So I decided to create simple shape with crazy pattern as you can see that the bigger pieces in the middle are in arch shape about 120 degree which arrow me to create circular form when I connect them together. The smaller pieces simply connect bigger pieces in different height with continuation.

This picture is when I was putting the pieces together.
It actually came out interesting. When you pay attention to the object, you will find that 5 different spirals are supporting each other to create one big form.
Repeating up and down again and again, the sculpture is suitable to be called as my expression of "Life" since one's life is always repeats up/down movement with complicated situation, still goes on until the end.

Today, I spray painted the sculpture in white color and they looks really crucial.
I cannot wait to present them to the class.


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