Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yuma Watanabe: Final Presentation Posting

Since last time I posted my projects,
I made several changes for final presentation.
I would like to talk about them one by one .

For my first project The Laughing Buddha,
I covered him with red plastic and got frame.
I think I could successfully expressed my Asian culture with him.
The color Red is one of the most important color in Asian culture.
It means Anti-Demon. Many legendary Asian artists chose the color red for
the sculpture of Buddha.
The circle takes important role in Buddhism as a life cycle.
Because the goal of the Buddhism is escaping from the life cycle.
These circle on the surface of my Buddha represents the people,
who are supposed to have fun with The Laughing Buddha.

The squid FDM project actually came out with broken arms.
I fixed up at the time of final presentation finally!
The meaning behind this sculpture is
that after the era of human, many biologists says it will be squids era.
So this sculpture represents the end of the human at the same time,
the beginning of squid's era.
I call this sculpture as "Ω"(omega).

As I mentioned in earlier post,
I spray painted my first Laser cutting project.
I actually spray painted this for the reason of craftsmanship
and it came out quite clean.

Mentioning again, the meaning behind this sculpture is
my expression of the life.
Because one's life is beautiful and complicated.
Also, it repeats up and down until the end.

At last, I would like to introduce you my lighting sculpture,
The Face
of Ra(Egyptian god of the sun).
I painted his face with gold because the color gold is really respected color
in Ancient Egyptian culture as all kings' death masks are made by gold.

This sculpture has one big problem that
it doesn't have a whole on the top of his head.
So the heat cannot escape and possibly the sculpture would be on fire.

Anyways, throughout the quarter,
I learned how the digital elements came out to the real world
and this experience will definitely help me to model or get inspired
for the projects in the future.

I would like to give all of my thanks to Prof. Scott
and 3 classmates survived with me until the end of the quarter.
It was great experience and memories.
See you guys later and have a great summer!

Yuma Watanabe

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