Thursday, May 27, 2010

Esteban Urrea's Project 3: Egg

For project three I began with the torus form of a sphere in Rhino. I then created a crater on front side and three pipes which attached the crater to the back side, then set the form on a rectilinear base. Using the "Contour" command I was able to split the form into layers. I cut out two .25 inch squares in each of the layer surfaces, while the form was still a hole. Then I started to unstack, number and place the layers into six 18x32 inch cyan rectangles. Once placed I changed the curves to their appropriate colors, saved the file and sent it to the laser cutter. Once I got back all my pieces I assembled then by running .25 inch dowl rods through the holes cut out prior, then glued the ends for a final piece.

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