Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yuma Watanabe Project4

For my project4, I got inspired by the Egyptian god of the sun "Ra" who has falcon head.
So I thought it would be the best shape for my lighting sculpture.
First, I got the picture of falcon head as my template and then started modeling in Cinema 4D as you can see above.

Then I exported Cinema 4D file as 3ds, then imported to the Rhino.
It took a few hour to figure out how I can make the space inside of the falcon head,
but now it is ready to go!

The pieces came out like this... so chaos... but thank god that Prof. Scott told us how to put numbers on the pieces.

This is how I pre-stacked pieces. Since I didn't make whole for the pole, I have to grue them.
But it will be cool lighting sculpture for sure!

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