Thursday, May 27, 2010

Esteban Urrea's Project 2: Implied X's- FDM Model

For project two I chose to create a 3d form in Rhino that is based on the principle of repetition. By repeating, enlarging and cutting a diamond I arrived at my three elements; the center diamond and the two opposite facing angles. Then stacking the unit group on top of one another to create the form that now exists. I was able to print 5 copies out of a 8x6x6 block of material, each piece is 8x2.5x1.5.

After the pieces were printed I placed them into a dark lit environment. The enviorment is a 12x20x15 enclosed box with flaps on the front which allow for view to the interior. The interior has 4 of the 5 pieces which are painted silver, wire mesh and a blue and white light. The interior also has music that plays at a low level to help with the interaction of the other senses.

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