Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sami Lee Woolhiser: Serial Slice #1

Hey Everyone! This is the design and build of my practice serial slicing project. It kind of looks like an abstract architectural form, this would be an awesome building.

Here is the original form in maya shown in solid and line view. I created several pyramids and "boolean union"ed them together to create one cohesive shape. 
Form in Maya
Next I divided the structure up into many slices using a Rhino plug in called Grasshopper. The red lines show the slices that the laser will read later to cut into the material so the pieces can be stacked to create a 3 dimensional object.
Form with serial slices shown
Here are the slices organized and ready to be laser cut. The magenta edges indicate an outer cut, blue an innercut and red is text which is rastered in rather than cut all the way through.


Here is the practice stack of the structure, Looks good-time to glue!
Practice Stack

 I glued and clamped the structure in three increments so it would dry neatly.

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