Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3D Kinect Scan

First post!...

I've been trying to scan with the Microsoft Kinect and have finally made some great progress on that.

I've been really interested in making art with the Kinect so when I saw an example on youtube on how to scan for 3d I got really excited and had to try it out. Using Processing, meshlab, and cinema 4d.

Problem is I am very new to processing. So I had a friend help me out. And was able to scan and save.

Took that .obj and found a great tutorial. So happens to be a Kyle McDonald tutorial on how to get the .obj point cloud to generate a mesh, in Meshlab. That guy is incredible.

Anyways, followed those steps which has led me to a pretty interesting image that i want to take into cinema 4d and be able to model a little more so it can be ready to print soon!

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