Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Andrew F. Scott: Material Studies

Scanned Rhino Model in rhino

I had the opportunity to do a little more form exploration on the previous model from laser scanned data.  Within Rhino I used the nurbs surface tessellation as a cue for the surface activation of the model. Using pipes i created a series of sweeping linear forms across the surface of the model.

Polished Oak
I began with a series of monochromatic compositions using a single material I wanted to get a feel for the rhythmic movement of the lines across the surface of the material.

Mahogany with Cherry
 This led to an exploration of a combination of materials. This is where the fun really begins as you can begin to play material properties with and against each other.

Gold with Pearl
 I really like this combination of materials because it begins to suggest a form that can operate on a diversity of scales.
Gold with Mahogany

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