Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sami Lee Woolhiser: Bird Scan Studio

This is my first post for this quarter! Here is my experience with Scan Studio so far.
First Scan
It is possible to transfer a 3 dimensional object in real space to virtual 3D space! Amazing! The 3D scanner traces the object, such in the image above where it scans on a 360 degree rotation taking pictures at a set number of intervals (10). Then I find corresponding points within those images that then align them in the program, Scan Studio, where it gives a virtual 3D object like the one below.

First Scan on Scan studio

Aligning two groups of scans (scan families)
 By scanning from a different angle of the bird I was allowed to fill in the holes created by the first scan, because it does not see segments that are perpendicular to it, with a second group of images (a second scan family.) Bellow is an image of the second scan in which the angle of the bird allows the scanner to see parts it couldn't in the first scan. Above is an image where I aligned the two scan families to create one happy little sleeping bird. 

Second Scan

two merged scans
 Above is the two scan families which are now aligned, below is an image of the multiple layers of images fused together. The red highlighted portion is the parts that I trimmed, removing the unnecessary parts the scanner picked up during the scanning process.
Trimming extra segments

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