Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paul Derrico_Waffle structure

This is the first waffle structure out of luan.   It turned out decent enough.  I had to do some tweaking of the file to avoid any stray orphans.  There was a few of them as I was working with the Grasshopper script.  Changing the A and B spacing and shifting didn't give me the results that I want, so I had to change the model slightly in the 'wings' portion.  I used a gap of .2 which helped the model fit well while keeping it together.

I was inspired to go with a piece that would be a bit challenging to waffle together.  I chose a deeper, wavier form.  Looking at it from a Furniture Design perspective, I can see a much larger version of this form creating radial seating that could be approached from any angle.  It might work great in a park or bus station.  The waffle technique provides a lot of structural integrity without creating visual mass.  It's real interesting to imagine what kind of minimal yet strong forms can be created with thin plywood or cardboard.

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